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Colorful Event Ideas

The most incredible rainbow Bat Mitzvah was filled with clouds of bright décor, literally. Each lounge area was topped with a whimsical color-blocked balloon arrangement hovering over chic and modern furniture. The walls were draped in a rainbow of hues, as was the bar, stage backdrop, and more. Come see the full celebration and get inspired for your own event.

Wipe Out Those Winter Garden Woes

Do you look at your garden at this time of the year and wish it were more alive? Well, as those of us who have their homes on the market have found out – there are ways to make your front yard look attractive even in the dead of winter!

One thing you don’t want is murky green garden paths. Regularly power- hose your paths and decks so that the slimy green mold can’t take hold! Also check for it at the base of your fences and house. If you live in a mild winter area, then you may need to keep cutting the lawn, but lift the mower slightly so that the grass is not cut so short in the winter..

If you are showing your home you will probably want to leave your potted plants in their ceramic containers on show. If this is the case, keep an eye on the weather forecasts and pop some bubble wrap over them if the weather is going to freeze.

One non-gardening way to pretty up a front yard while the plants hibernate, is to invest a few dollars in some inexpensive path lighting. The push-in mushroom lamps look quite effective when turned on, and will give your front yard some definition.

Hopefully, you have already invested in a supply of evergreens, if not, now is the time for you to examine your yard and decide where new trees should be placed. Remember to always include some of the blue fir, and there are bronze, yellow, silver and variegated evergreens to choose from. Many of us forget the brightness of berry evergreens like holly and rowan trees. (Sometimes referred to as mountain ash or Pyrus Americana)

Winter flowers are scarce and are all the more appreciated because of it. Among the choice is pink viburnam as well as winter honeysuckle and winter jasmine – all have blooms (and the last two smell delightful). Bedding plants such as winter pansies and winter heather also add color.

Apart from attractive tree bark, there is also a modern day fad for decorative cabbages in cream and purple, and these are a hardy decoration in the yard.

If you feel you can’t wait for your garden to wake up and come alive, then be sure to add some of the early bulbs into your planting plan. If your house is on the market, you can tell your prospective buyers that the new owner will be moving into a view of spring bulbs.

If you are not planning a move yet, then snow drops, daffodils and crocuses all come out in bloom very early and can be your reminder that spring is just around the corner!

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